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  • A new project has been posted titled "Prayer". It's a collection of music that would be suitable to play while praying. We are praying that we'll be able to make an interpretive dance video with it.

  • Another new project we're working on will be a musical walkthrough of the five books of Psalms.

  • We are in the very early stages of a string of projects that could involve interpretive dance, and small theater on video. Very exciting.

  • We are researching information for a new project currently titled "Modern Spiritual Warfare".

  • Things are getting pretty busy. We're beginning another project about being salt in Christ.

  • Another new project is ramping up. It's an audio drama series we are calling Women of the Old Testament.

  • A new collection of music is in the early stages. We're calling it Eyes Open.

  • All collections are being distributed to all streaming services.

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