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The story so far...

Music has been a sort of flashlight for me through the years.  As I’ve grown up it’s been a facilitator that seemed to point me to the various activities and situations that I’ve chosen to be involved in.  Right from grade school where I played a towering bass drum in the orchestra, through junior high where I played a drum kit, to high school where I transitioned to bass guitar and playing piano by ear.  Then for a couple of years in college where I majored in vocal music along with all the theory and instrument skills classes which included the state proficiency exam for piano.

I could only muster a couple of years at college and left to start my career in electronics repair, audio and video tech and a career as a professional musician.  My instrumental offerings consisted of 12-string guitar, harmonica, and keyboard.  I pretty much played to have something to sing with.  For the next twelve years, I moved through various roles which included a traveling competition barbershop quartet, music commitments ranging from solo to five pieces throughout the north to the south center swatch of the nation.

As that season of my life wound down, I got off the road, got married (the best thing I’ve ever done) and began providing all the media needs for a church of around 4,500.  Just before I came back to Kansas City, I gave my life to Christ.  Just in the nick of time as far as I knew.

The church ministry responsibilities grew to include sound, video, lighting for theatre and video, television production, recorded media distribution and a crew of around 20 amazing people.  I got some wonderful opportunities to participate with the ministries of several of the top Christion artists that were active at the time.  After four years there, I left and spent time building a business providing demo recording, lighting and live sound for the groups I was affiliated with and groups that procured my services.

As it turned out, I was a terrible business person in those days…  However, I was a natural at fiddling around with equipment of all sorts and providing vocal work when needed.  I became a Network Engineer for my lively hood and started a family.

Today I have two awesome daughters and strapping sons-in-law who have weathered the storms and now have their own family plans to attend to.  After Jesus Christ, there is one anchor that I stay tethered to.  That is my amazing wife.  Her ability to ride the great white whales that occasionally pummel all our lives and her commitment to trusting God has seen us pass through many a dark night.  Many of which were of my own making.  She is the love of my life.

Congratulations if you’ve made it this far!  I’d like to conclude by saying that I hope to meet you sometime and share our mutual love of music and all it touches in our lives and those we love.


Mike McNichols

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