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Worship in Truth

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

What a subject. For me, worshiping God is me getting to the most honest and transparent state I can arrive at with Him. Since a walk with God is a walk of faith, there’s a kind of progression that occurs as I find that place of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical joining.

It’s not a mystical incantation type of event, but a heartfelt expression of the love, adoration, and commitment to what I know of God. An expression of the gratitude I feel for situations when He has provided a way through dark times, especially those that I could see no way through at the time. I try to be aware again of moments in my life when I knew for sure that God was present and working to lead me out of trouble as well as the good opportunities that He has brought my way.

In that place of communion, there are tears. Some of joy, some of sorrow. But all are under the healing and protecting cover of the wings of God. It’s a moment. When it’s during prayer only, I’m easily distracted so there’s an ebb and flow to it. When it includes singing and playing, it’s more sustained since I’m focused in a more encompassing way. When I’m in a group or congregation, the scale of the situation adds to the vigor and perceived power like praying in mass does.

Worship in my life brings forth those times when I feel that have come home. Wherever I am, that home reaffirms that I am not a permanent resident of this place and era. I am meant for something much better. Some incomprehensible place where this place of challenges cannot exist. Worship provides a moment when I can get a grip on the unseen and realize that there’s more than my senses can know. This is faith and hope. This is where true love is realized.

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