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The Unseen

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

I’ve been a student of the spiritual realm all my life really. Especially When I began seriously walking with God. There are so many instances where the reality of it is undeniable. All the spiritism activities and mediums. Everything about ghosts and talking to the dead etc. Even though it seems to have dubious roots, it’s still apparent that something is behind it.

Now that I’ve looked much further into it over the years, however, I’ve formed opinions about the validity of spiritual activities that don’t really include the Holy Spirit and what demonic strategies would have me believe. Even though I know there’s a lot of deception out there, I still see it as complicated. I also feel that I’m no match for things that I can’t see. Fortunately, God is faithful to protect me. I believe He has allocated angelic beings to assist as I work through things in my walk.

It’s easy to overlook the reality of the unseen realm and the battle taking place when reading through the bible. I have recently been reminded of the account of angelic beings that came to earth and were somehow responsible for fostering a species of people called the Nephilim according to the account in Genesis 6:1-4. I’ve also been looking again at the various places mentioned in the scriptures as spiritual locations. Places such as Sheol, the Abyss, and Tartarus to name a few.

I have a library of around 80 titles that I’ve been building on over the years and am always on the lookout for new additions. It’s a fascinating subject and worth exploring to the extent that I am better able to know God and the real realm of the supernatural that’s in action all around us.

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